UC Blum Interns at the EarthLab

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Camille Campion, the coordinator for the Blum Summer Interns, tunes us in to the experience of the Blum Summer Field Internship.

This is the third year that a team of UCSD and UC-wide students have worked at the EarthLab during the Blum Summer Field Internship. The interns work in supervised interdisciplinary teams to conduct community-based research and participate in local ongoing collaborative projects.

The UCSD Blum Summer Field Interns have been working with the team of teachers, EarthLab staff, and 6th graders during the Science Academy. They are a group of 2nd to 4th year college students whose majors vary from environmental engineering to psychology. They have embraced this opportunity to teach and learn alongside the dedicated people involved in this program. As one intern expressed, “It’s been a joy to watch the kids grow at Summer Academy! Not only have they been learning about water quality and conservation, they are also developing personal opinions and stances about human’s relationship with the environment.”

For another, “Returning to my hometown San Diego for the summer to work in the EarthLab has been the greatest hands-on learning experience for me. The relationships I have built with local students, the Groundworks staff, teachers from local elementary schools and SDSU has reminded me why Southeast San Diego is such a special place.” Participating at EarthLab has been an invaluable experience on many levels for all involved!

Left to right: Alon, Kara, Aya, Rabiah, Kim, Aaron, Warren, Wilson