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Muriel King Appointed to City Urban Forestry Advisory Board

By September 6, 2017 No Comments

Groundwork San Diego is pleased to announce that one of our key staff members, Ms. Muriel King, has been appointed to the Urban Forestry Advisory Bd for the City of San Diego. Below is a statement she’s written about her new position. Congrats Muriel!

My name is Muriel King. I was recently appointed by the City of San Diego to represent District 4 as a board member on the City Urban Forestry Advisory Board. My appointment was influenced by years of work I performed in District 4 to improve the urban environment with drought tolerant trees, other plants and landscape maintenance in my own community of South Bay Terraces; and more recently the work I have performed at The EarthLab, located off Euclid to develop a Conservation Garden that will open to the public soon.

The City Urban Forestry Advisory Board was established as a vehicle to encourage the City to comply with its Climate Action Plan and more recently the Mayor’s motto “Neighborhoods First” for a healthier environment that is conducive to lowering city temperatures, reduce heat illness and provide places to be physically and socially active. This is in alignment with the efforts of the Urban Collaborative Project—to create, sustain and enhance better living environments. Trees and landscapes—not concrete make an environment a friendlier and safer place to live, which is the general purpose of many of you who are part of community organizations and civil service.

In addition to improved heath, research shows that greener spaces with trees create friendlier neighborhoods; therefore, safer neighborhoods.  Let’s create healthier and safer neighborhoods with greener spaces for people to relax, gather and enjoy outdoor activities. To start, you can request a drought tolerant, free tree or trees to have planted along your right of way through

Requests can also be done through the City’s Get It Done app. Select “New Report.” From the “service category”, select “Other.” Tap “Location” to provide the address for the free tree or trees. Enter FREE TREE in the description field. Enter full contact information in the “My Info field.” and submit.

The City also has a tree selection guide at that provides information about trees recommended for use in the public right-of-way.

Become a green space advocate with the use of drought tolerant plants and trees for greener, healthier friendlier and safer communities. Start today by contacting the City for a free drought tolerant tree!