FarmBlog: Updates and a big “Thank You”

By March 31, 2015 No Comments

I know it’s been awhile since our last FarmBlog update, but things have been busy kicking into high gear!

Firstly, a special thanks to Melissa Durand, her boyfriend John and her mother Barbara!  They volunteered out of the blue to bring in a roto-tiller and help us mix our compost into the field.  You saved us so much back-breaking labor and we really appreciate it!  We still have plenty of back-breaking labor however.  Here’s a photo of our wonderful volunteers with their handiwork in the background.

photo (5)


We’re also getting ever closer to actual food production.  We have several flats of seedlings growing and even a few crops out in the field.  The biggest challenge so far has been increasing the soil fertility, but we need patience.  Building soil fertility is something that can take months or years if you do it correctly and responsibly.  Adding compost, cover cropping, encouraging soil biodiversity and all are great – but I want radishes now!  Every step brings us a little closer to our goal, and we really appreciate everyone’s volunteer efforts that help us along that way.