FarmBlog: Donate or Share… or both!

By March 31, 2015 No Comments

We’re taking the farm to the next level!  Or trying to at least…

We need your help in raising funds through GoFundMe to make some capital improvements on the farm this summer!  Any amount that you (as a community member) can contribute will help us immeasurably.  If you can’t donate anything you can still help us by sharing this blog post on FaceBook, twitter, e-mail, carrier pigeon, or smoke signal.

The GoFundMe site where you can donate is here:

We are asking for $5000 in order to purchase the following supplies and incidentals that arise when starting an urban farm from scratch:

Greenhouse irrigation
Greenhouse temperature and humidity controls (fans and vents)
Broadfork and hand-tilling equipment
Hand-held garden tools
Irrigation supplies
Row Cover
Temperature and Humidity gauges
Planting trays
Compost Thermometers
Storage Units
Harvesting equipment
Washing station equipment
Building supplies

There is a lot of equipment, big and small, that is needed to start and run a farm. Sure, we don’t need a tractor, but we need plenty of stuff to make up for not having a tractor! 🙂

Please help to make this farm a success. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated and go to a VERY good cause (who doesn’t like to eat?). If you can’t donate now, please take a second to pass the word. Social media is a great way to make sure everyone is in the loop.

Once again, the link to donate or share is here: