Alex’s EarthLab Harvest

By August 15, 2017 No Comments


Time sure flies!

These last couple of weeks we harvested 130lbs of squash! It was very exciting for a couple of reasons.

  1. Because it was my first time harvesting any produce and…..
  2. Because there is nothing like being able to see the process and progress of a farm in person and being able to eat fresh produce straight from the farm! Hard work pays off!!!


But, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Harvested a second round of squash for almost a total of 300lbs all together including the first round! And, there is already more to harvest!

Apart from squash, we have ginormous sunflowers . Not only do we get to enjoy such an amazing flower but we also get to observe pollinators (bees) fertilizing the flowers.

What else you ask? Well let me tell you. Found a skull by the creek! Not sure from what animal it came from. Could belong to a gopher.

And, also found this interesting critter. Kind of looks like it has a horse shaped head in miniature form.


For the most part, it’s a lot of fun (and work) at EarthLab but, there are times when we are faced with challenges. A few months back we had no water at EarthLab which obviously means no water for the produce we are trying to grow or for the plants at the propagation center. Once again we face the same challenge. Luckily, we invested in a gas powered water pump that we can hook up to the rain barrels we have on site and to an over head sprinkler. It’s always important to have a plan B!

Daily life at EarthLab is quite an experience. You never know what awaits you!