Alex at the EarthLab: Fauna Loves Flora, Flora Loves Fauna

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We’re happy to bring you another update at the EarthLab from Alex, one of our farm managers (among other things). We’ve made the title “Fauna Loves Flora,¬†Flora Loves Fauna.”, because when Alex shares images from the EarthLab, we’re blown away by the biodiversity that exists down there right off of Euclid. A new critter always appears, and a new crop is always flourishing, and both the plant life and the animal/bug life support each other in a beautifully¬†mutual way. Thanks for sharing with everyone Alex!


It seems like it has been a while since I’ve checked in with everyone. Time to keep you all posted of what has been happening at Earth Lab!!!

One of the most exciting moments at EarthLab, this past month, was when I came across this praying mantis! First time seeing one up close and personal! It could not have been anymore than 3″ big. Pretty small fella’. Did you know that they only live for about a year?!

Also, found this critter as I harvested some tomatoes. Such a beautiful display of color and pattern on its back, don’t you agree?

The fun doesn’t end there with all the wild life we have at EarthLab. In my last blog there were a couple of pictures I took of the gigantic sunflowers we had. I’ve seen squirrels climb up the sunflower stocks to munch on the seeds and seen birds land on the flower to take their share. But boy was I amazed when I saw parakeets!!!! Not 1, not 2 but 4 parakeets! I guess I was really amazed because I’ve always thought of parakeets as a house companion rather than a bird you see out and about especially here in San Diego.

At the moment, our harvest continues with some delicious squash, okra, cucumbers, and tomatoes! The farm just keeps giving and giving.

There is so much that needs to get done at EarthLab! For example, moving and re-positioning a rain barrel with my 90 Toyota Pickup. 865gal water truck anyone?

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my blog this month! Now time to get back to work. Alex out!