Trolley Station Mural Project

m1In partnership with the Southeastern Economic Development Corporation, District 4 Councilmember Tony Young. And the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, Groundwork San Diego- Chollas Creek has supported a mural project at the 62nfd St. Trolley Station in Encanto being called Liquid Harmony. The project is intended to illustrate the power and vitality of Chollas Creek, its endangered habitat and wildlife. More importantly, the project is intended to celebrate Chollas Creek’s connection to the people living within the watershed and show how its fluidity weaves together the social fabric of this urban landscape.

Artist Daniel Hopkins
Artist Miguel Godoy (also featured above)

The creek is a powerful symbol on a local scale for the global environmental situation, said the artists. By raising awareness of the creek and its benefits to the community, we hope to foster its care by the residents. The mural will speak to an audience of all age levels and hopefully set the seeds for a new generation that will become the caretakers of this rich natural yet urban resource. The mural project’s collaborative process is a powerful tool of expression. Each artist involved offers unique skills that lend themselves to the specific tasks of making this project a huge success for all parties involved. These varied styles will enhance and complement one another as well as visually represent unity through diversity.

We will be using techniques employed by many modern muralists to facilitate the participation of youth in the project, they said. For some parts of the mural we will be painting on materials that will later be adhered to the wall. This can be done at a number of off site locations making it a safer and more controlled situation for participants. This fusion of artistic talent and through its collective experiences of mentoring youth participants will be a collaborative effort skillfully exploiting each artist’s gifts while creating a symbolically and visually unifying work of art for the community of the 62nd Street Trolley Station.

Visit the Southeastern Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) website.