The EarthLab offers school groups exciting, hands-on garden field trips tailored to grade level and designed to reinforce NGSS, Common Core, and Content Standards. Students will learn to plant  edibles and native plants, and to care for pesticide-free gardens. Choose from one of the modules below, and call EarthLab Education Coordinator JoAnna Proctor at 619 543 0430 to schedule a visit. 


Students will prepare items for compost and apply compost to garden beds.

  • Worm bin
  • Decomposers
  • Energy generated as heat
  • Stages of composting
  • Acceptable items for composting

Native Plants

Students will propagate a take-home native plant and seedball.

  • Kumeyaay uses
  • Medicinal
  • Edibles
  • Adaptations


Students will plant their own take-home mini-pollinator garden.

  • Importance of pollinators
  • Examples of ideal plants to support native pollinating species
  • Identify local pollinators in EarthLab


Students will locate plant & animal interdependence within the EarthLab and plant a take-home 3 Sisters mini-garden.

  • 3 Sisters & 3 Brothers
  • Native plants garden
  • Pollinator garden
  • Garden beds
  • Hydroponics/Aquaponics

Soil Composition

Students will prepare “healthy gardening soil” recipe and plant a take-home edible.

  • Components of soil
  • San Diego soil characteristics
  • Healthy gardening soil

Nutrition & Health

Students design a menu plan for the week and a take-home edible

  • Students learn about the Food Pyramid
  • Identify the benefits of a healthy diet
  • Identify healthy food choices in the garden
  • Sample a variety of fruits & vegetables


Examples of the types of projects at EarthLab


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