Groundwork San Diego continues to build support for a City Council designation for the Chollas Creek Regional Park. Following the lead of the major watersheds throughout California, Groundwork seeks to bring the recognition of Chollas Creek, its communities, and its many assets. The park designation will be accompanied by a master plan, and will bring the Chollas Creek area a long-overdue regional identity, while bringing diverse neighborhoods together through a watershed-wide system of trails and parks and visitor destinations.  “This watershed is an important regional asset, characterized by a rich history and unparalleled historic, biological, and cultural resources,” says  Vicki Estrada, President of Estrada Land Planning and member of the Groundwork San Diego-Chollas Creek Board of Directors. Groundwork is the manager of the Chollas Creek Watershed and is leading the Regional Park effort.

In order to create the masterplan for creating and connecting trails and parks; restoring habitats; and interpreting the area’s vast resources, an estimated $700,000 in city funding will be needed. Groundwork completed a Feasibility Study approved unanimously by the City of San Diego’s Parks and Recreation Board and the City Council Environment Committee.

Supporters believe that the Chollas Creek Watershed, like the San Diego and San Dieguito River Parks, has significant recreational amenities will that will be of interest to visitors throughout San Diego and beyond. Chollas Creek runs north and south of SR 94 from Lemon Grove and La Mesa to San Diego Bay.

Our regional park effort has generated unparalleled support from elected officials, community planning groups, residents, and others,” says Leslie Reynolds, executive director of Groundwork. “It is an amazing idea whose time has come.”

The Chollas Creek Regional Park initiative is certain to play a significant role in the City’s new Park Master Plan to re-imagine parks throughout the region. Through that effort, definitions of and designs for parks will include urban plazas, gathering spaces, trails, other assets which are more likely to characterize built-out communities such as are found in the Chollas Creek Watershed.

Groundwork San Diego successfully generated $1.5 million, in partnership with the City and the County, for trail connection between Southcrest and the Bayshore Bikeway. Reynolds believes that the regional park master plan aligns perfectly with Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s focus on bolstering San Diego neighborhoods and on his Climate Action Plan for San Diego.

Read the plan here: Chollas Creek Regional Park PP