Chollas Creek to Bayshore Bikeway Trail Project

Groundwork San Diego, as part of its update of the Chollas Creek Enhancement Program, identified and received funding to develop  a critical trail connection in the Chollas Creek Watershed. Thanks to a generous grant from SANDAG, the City of San Diego, together with Groundwork San Diego and a team of experts, are designing a bicycle pedestrian trail along the South Branch of Chollas Creek. This important link will connect the neighborhoods of Mt. View, Southcrest, and Shelltown to the 32nd ST Trolley Station and the San Diego Bayshore Bikeway.

The Project Team has met with USN, CalTrans, Mayor’s Office, City departments, and property owners along the route. Meetings are scheduled with the Southeastern Planning group, local schools, the Southcrest recreation Center Board, and other stakeholders.

chollas-creek-graphicBased upon feedback and input from the stakeholders a preferred bike route alignment has been selected.  The route will start at  Southcrest Trails, and continue as a dedicated bike path along Chollas Creek passing under the Highway 5/15 bridges to Rigel Street.  On Rigel Street it will become a Class B bicycle lane and share the street with local traffic.   At the intersection with Main Street, bicyclists would cross to the west side of Main Street via a secured traffic signal for bicyclists called a Hawk.  Bicyclists would head north on a two way “cycle track”, which is essentially a dedicated lane for bicycles separated by a soft or hard median that keeps bicyclists and pedestrians separated and secure from traffic. It continues north under the Highway 15 on ramp to the Chollas Creek bridge overpass.

The most beautiful part of the bike route is the next section where it exits from traffic at the Chollas Creek bridge overpass and become a dedicated bike path again, running along Chollas Creek to the west.  Chollas Creek is tidally influenced in this part and has a variety of wildlife that can be viewed along the way. “Benches and a viewing platform will be key design elements in this section so that all can enjoy nature.” says Julie Fontaine, biologists on Groundwork San Diego’s management team.