Cactus Wren Restoration

wrennestThe Cactus Wren Restoration Project has been launched by Groundwork San Diego Chollas Creek, in partnership with Millennial Tech Middle School, to rehabilitate nearly 75 acres of cactus-wren friendly canyonland near Market Street in Encanto. Amid a tremendous loss of habitat throughout San Diego County due to wildfires, Southeast San Diego’s Encanto and Radio canyons provide a home for the cactus wren. Backed by a $240,000 TransNet grant, the two-year project will include cleanup, weed abatement, propagation of 21,000 cacti, reseeding several other native plants and wildlife monitoring.  Students at Millennial Tech Middle School are playing an instrumental role.  As part of their Conservation Science curriculum, they are propagating and planting the cacti, monitoring the birds with remote sensing cameras, and studying the bird’s genetic make-up and ecosystem role at the Wild Animal Park’s Beckman Center.

The goal of the program is to not only learn more about the coastal cactus wren and improve the quality of the habitat for this small brown and white bird, but also to connect the community with nature through hard work, learning and collaboration.


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