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October 2015

Trail Plan Community Meeting

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With each conversation we get one step closer to a shared vision of our canyons.

This morning we held a meeting at Groundwork offices with the City of San Diego, Urban Corps, Rosemont Neighborhood Council and lifelong trail-users. What brought us together was the future of the canyons in North Encanto. Of the many parties present some use the trails, some will build them, some patrol them and others plan them. What’s important is that we share our vision with one another for the canyons and the trails they hold. We shared excitement for stewardship opportunities to clear our canyons of trash and learned about official processes to get code enforcement involved to stem the barrage of garbage. We shared our favorite sights of Red-tailed hawks and woody mushrooms, and expressed our concern for their neglect and abuse. We proposed plans for corridors, construction and city engagement and most of all, we got to know each other. Because a healthy neighborhood with familiar neighbors is key to a healthy canyon.

Are you inspired? If you’d like to get involved as a canyon steward, email Patrice Baker at

Have a great weekend everyone,
Joel Kramer


Community members and city officials discuss the future of Radio, Encanto and Emerald Canyons.

Community members and city officials discuss the future of Radio, Encanto and Emerald Canyons.

Save the Date! Pocket Park Build

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Join us in building our Earthlab Pocket Park!

This beautiful space is humming with life and we need your help to make it truly sing!

By working together, we can make this a space that we all can enjoy. We’ll be building among the butterflies and the birds as we create a childrens’ play area, beautify our fenceline, paint bright murals, establish demonstration gardens, and put up a farm produce stand.

We bring color to our Earthlab, painting with passion!


Save the date to lend a hand:

Thursday, October 22
Friday, October 23
Saturday, October 24
Sunday, October 25
8am – 3pm everyday


Call Patrice Baker at Groundwork San Diego to make a reservation.

(619) 543 – 0430
Directions to the EarthLab:

Take the 94 and turn South onto Euclid. Turn right onto Lakiba Palmer, right on Dassco, right on Hilltop, left on Carolina … Park at Gomper’s Park on Carolina Lane, walk past Millenial Tech Middle School until you reach the fenceline and turn up the road to your right.

See you there!