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April 2015

Free Bicycle Repair

By | Community Support

Need to get your bike fixed or want to learn how to fix your own bike!?

We have the best from Chula Vista Bicycles and Northpark Bikes coming to assist you for FREE every third saturday of the month at the Southcrest Recreation Center from 9am to 12pm. Click Southcrest Bike Repair to see the flyer!



Cycle Southcrest and The Guardian…..

By | Community Support

What is The Guardian you ask and what does it have to do with Cycle Southcrest?

The Guardian is San Diego Police Departments ultimate lowrider and it will be on display at our Cycle Southcrest event June 6th!

The Guardian was built in partnership by the San Diego Police Department and the Lowrider Community of San Diego. Prior to its new mission, The Guardian was an actual police car retired from service. It’s mission is to bridge the gap between
law enforcement and the lowrider community. By breaking down barriers and stereotypes that exist between the lowrider community at large and law enforcement, we foster a good working relationship that benefits the various communities of the City of San Diego.

We are so happy to have this awesome lowrider at our event to share with the community. Come out and join us June 6th so you

can see The Guardian Lowrider up close.



One step closer to the designation of Chollas Creek as a regional park

By | Community Support



Last week the proposal for the designation of Chollas Creek as a regional park was met with much excitement and enthusiasm from the City Council Environment Committee.

Vicki Estrada, a Groundwork San Diego board member, met with the committee and presented our vision for a restored creek with connected and accessible open spaces and parks across the watershed.

The committee have agreed to support the development of a master plan which will map out the next steps we need to take to achieve regional park designation.

Watch this space for updates on the master plan and check out Vicki’s presentation below for more info on the proposal and what’s happening in the creek.





FarmBlog: How green is my house…

By | Farm

Thank you to all of the generous donors in our fundraising campaign!

With your support we have raised over $700 to buy a new greenhouse!


Do you remember the Jetsons, when you could push a button and a house would fabricate from materials automatically? This doesn’t work like that.


The campaign is not over yet, and we still have miles to go before we sleep.  We need tools, supplies, amendments and a whole host of other things to make this sustainable urban farm work.  If you haven’t contributed yet and would like to, the link is here:

 And if you can’t contribute monetarily you can help by sharing the link on social media, and just talking to your friends, family and neighbors about the importance of sustainable farming.  This project is designed to create food security in an area that desperately needs it, and every bit of support we get from the community will be paid back to the community and beyond.  Thank you again for helping to support our project!

In actual farm news, spring is here!

We’ve seen some promising new growth from the surrounding area and especially from some of our trees!

photo 1

A flowering Eastern Redbud Pansy. Is it edible? I dunno… probably?


With spring comes flowers, butterflies, bees… and gophers, cutworm, rabbits and everything else in the world that rang the dinner bell.  This is the main reason why a greenhouse is so important to our operation: protection of seedlings while they mature to become transplants.  Part of the challenge of growing nutritious and delicious food sustainably is that everyone (and everything) wants a piece!  We can go from a tray of seedlings that look like this:

photo 3

They are all inside some animal’s stomach now. Don’t cry for them, for they knew no pain.


to one that has been decimated by rats, squirrels and grasshoppers overnight.  The farm team and myself have been working tirelessly (tirelessly!) to identify the challenges of growing in an urban environment and move forward in a sustainable and ethical manner.  Hopefully with some new resources we can get some protected seedlings in the ground and kick this farm off right!