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February 2015

MTM Earth Stewards!

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127Millennial Tech Middle school students love taking care of their watershed, helping endangered species, restoring habitats, and planting trees. Sixth and seventh graders volunteered their personal time on both the weekend and  on a holiday to help plant native species in an effort to restore critical Coastal Cactus Wren habitat and to help reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. As their EarthLab teacher, I am happy to say how proud I am of their dedication and commitment to their planet and to their futures. Congratulations on a job well done!

Ms. Proctor

Education Director, EarthLab

FarmBlog: Don’t fence me in…

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NEWSFLASH: Digging holes and pouring concrete is very, very tiring!  This week we focused on fencing off the farm site and preventing some of the more detrimental critters from gaining access to the crops.  For the fence posts we used recycled lumber that was already on the property and hardware cloth for the fence itself.    With the fence completed, we should be able to keep out rabbits, coyotes and other mid-sized mammals.  Now we only have to worry about gophers!  And rats.  And birds.  And insects.  And hungry humans. Still, it’s progress!

photo 3

Here’s our awesome fence! Don’t think it’s awesome? Where’s your fence? That’s what I thought.



Once the finishing touches on the fence are complete, it’s actually time to plant something!  This week will be dedicated to amending soil, preparing transplants, bed-building and actual farm work!  How exciting.  Add a dash of compost, a pinch of complete organic fertilizer, some water and HEY PRESTO! something should actually start growing.  We already have some seedlings starting to sprout (Giant Fordhook Chard, Corvair Spinach, Pak Choi and more) and we can’t wait to get them in the ground!


A Radio Canyon Day to Remember

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037Groundwork’s 5th annual Radio Canyon Day  took place on Saturday, January 31, and broke all records! With NASSCO once again as Groundwork’s event co-leader,  joined by Millennial Tech Middle School, Mission Continues veterans, Single Marines, AECOM, Councilmember Cole’s Office, the Mayor’s Office, the Encanto Planning group, and  Radio Canyon residents, over 250 people worked to restore over three acres of beautiful Radio Canyon and support residents in brush management. The canyon, home to the threatened  California Coastal Cactus Wren, is one of the beautiful assets in the Chollas Creek Watershed.