Bikes, Bikes, Bikes….

Did I mention the word bike yet?  Yes it is true, we love bikes here at Groundwork’s, in fact we love being outdoors and active! Currently we are in the planning stages of our annual Cycle Southcrest event, which will … Continued

FarmBlog: Water, Water, Everywhere…

Another week and the farm project is one step closer to fruition (or vegetable-ition, perhaps).   With a little creative plumbing, we were able to put in the drip irrigation and get all the beds irrigated.  As you might imagine it’s … Continued

Our native plant propagation center is growing!

We’ve been busy this past month building our propagation house and preparing our gallon growing area.  There are currently over a dozen species of California native plant seedlings growing in our propagation house.  They are loving the warm, sunny weather!   … Continued

FarmBlog: Rise of the Planet of the Weeds

Happy New Year to all our faithful FarmBlog readers! In the past few weeks we have made great strides in the development of the farm site. Firstly, a huge thanks to Jacob Kissack and the CRU crew for making a … Continued

Garden Club 2015: Great News!

The MTM students did an incredible job to start off the New Year! More students attended than ever before, and they were enthusiastic and productive. Students helped to revitalize the garden grounds by spreading fresh soil and mulch across the … Continued