Watershed Management

Chollas Creek Watershed Legislators Briefing With generous funding from the California Department of Water Resources (directed through the Integrated Regional Water Management Program), Groundwork San Diego instituted the on-going Chollas Creek Watershed Legislators Briefing.  The group formed in 2012 under … Continued

Radio-Encanto Canyons Cactus Wren and Gnatcatcher Restoration Program

Groundwork San Diego-Chollas Creek has , since 2010, received ongoing funding from SANDAG Transnet to maintain, monitor, and diversify 12.16 acres of recently-created habitat; vegetate 4.69 acres of recently cleared and treated habitat; and clear and prepare for long-term community … Continued

The EarthLab Pocket Park: A Walkable Watershed

With generous funding from the San Diego Foundation, Groundwork is creating a .25 acre pocket park, school-community garden and native plant landscape at the Creek EarthLab. The space will offer passive recreation activities such as bird-watching. trail use, and gardening. … Continued